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Designed for the 'Rest' of your photos
Effortless capture

Import, Capture or Scan

Start by capturing a photo, importing an existing one from the photo gallery, or scanning a physical (e.g., old) photo that you’d like to improve.

AI Bokeh

Uses a state-of-the-art depth generation model to create a depth map, then blurs the background based on that. Gives every photo a special Pro DSLR feel. Works great on portraits and product photos too.

AI Image Search
Image Similarity Browsing

Magic Eraser

Just brush to erase people from the background, pimples from the face, scratches on old photos, or any other imperfection in your photo.

Photo Enhancer

In a two-step process with just one tap, the Enhancer first enhances all faces in the image with a special face restoration model, then removes noise and deblurs the background too using another model.

Efficient Photo Storage
Designed for the 'Rest' of your photos


Uses the latest image deblurring models to sharpen blurry parts of images, typically taken in low light situations with either the camera, the subject, or both were moving during capture.

AI Styles

Provides an even more pro look for your photos by applying styling models specially trained on professionally edited photos. It offers a selection of styles generally preferred by pro photographers and some others similar to presets popular on Instagram.

Efficient Photo Storage
Designed for the 'Rest' of your photos

White Background

Add a white background with one tap to your product or portrait photos. Fine-tune the results with the Eraser if and when needed.


Bring old memories back to life. Colorize black and white photos, old or new, with a fast and accurate colorization model.

Efficient Photo Storage
Designed for the 'Rest' of your photos


Even with the iPhone’s SmartHDR and Night Mode, some areas of the photo can still be underexposed, or you might just prefer a brighter than standard look. Use the brightening feature for this.


Use NeuralPix’s proprietary and highly efficient photo upscaling models to scale up your photo 2x (e.g., from the standard 12MP to 48MP).

Efficient Photo Storage

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