About us

At NeuralCam we’re a team of tech and product people aiming to turn complex technology into easy to use products. We believe that technology can be a major force for good in our lives, and it’s up to us to use it wisely by creating tools that serve people well.

We build AI powered camera apps. We think that the newly developed deep learning technologies have enabled the creation of a new category of devices called Smart Cameras — cameras that not just see and record the world but can also understand what they see and can even react to events in real-time. We believe that these new types of cameras have the potential to become essential tools in multiple areas of our lives, from entertainment through healthcare to education.

At the same time, we see smartphones as the ideal smart camera platform. They have high quality cameras and enough processing power to run modern AI algorithms on-device, and they’re already in the pockets of billions of people all over the world. They are just waiting for the right kind of software to make them smart. This machine learning software is what we call smart camera apps, and these are the type of apps we’re building at NeuralCam.

We think that smart camera apps will become an integral part of our everyday lives and we’re committed to building these tools to create joy, simplify tasks and generally put visual AI in the service of people in a beautiful, simple-to-use way.